Writers Drop-In

Note: Special Location 10/2/15, group meets in History Room.

Writers need other writers for perspective and insight into their own work. Just writing in proximity to other writers can be a powerful motivator. Drop by and join in this informal supportive critique group on any Wednesday and/or Friday from 3-5 in Library’s Conference Room.  It’s open to all writers of any genre seeking constructive feedback from peers on their work.

There will be an informal structure to the session: first hour will be dedicated to writing and the second hour will be spent sharing constructive feedback.  There will be a writers reference collection and coffee available.

No registration required.


14 thoughts on “Writers Drop-In

  1. Whomever (whoever?) conjured up this program should be highly commended (commended highly?). If I wasn’t (weren’t?) running three companies, I would drop right in. What a great use of Mill Valley Library resources. Bill Buchanan–not yet famous author of “Fur Kids: A Life with Dogs.”

  2. I would love to join this, but work. It seems so many courses and workshops in Marin are targeted at people who either are older, or who don’t work 9-5. Would you consider this? Thanks in advance.

  3. Thank you, thank you again, Mill Valley Library, for this wonderful idea and way to communicate. The drop-in idea is fantastic. Do you know how many books have been written within your four gracious walls?

    • Hi Alice–so glad to hear you are interested in joining the drop-in. It is an ongoing program and is happening today. It will continue as long as demand continues and space is available at the library.

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